Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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What is the big bit on the end of wooden chopsticks for?


I learnt to eat with chopsticks a long time ago. I have eaten a lot of meals with chopsticks. I have slurped down some fantastic ramen noodles with them, I have shovelled in huge amounts of rice, and I have picked up some delicious sushi with the humble hashi.

But it was not until today that I realised, or was taught, what the large random big bit on the end of wooden chopsticks was for.

So here it is - set your face to stun.

That's right. Not just there to hold them together. Not there to get rid of splinters from the rest of the stick. Not even there for decoration as truth be told it doesn't look that great. It is actually a little rest for the chopsticks. And also to prevent the table getting dirty from your chopsticks and your chopsticks getting dirty from the table.

I don't often use this phrase but it is totally appropriate - Mind Blown!


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