Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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Cats in Kimonos

Cats are popular in Japan. I don’t mean a little bit popular, but a lot. There are even Cat cafes, where you pay for a coffee and get to stroke a cat. My favourite was one in Ikebukuro, a suburb of Tokyo, which had cats, coffee and a clever name combining the word for cat in Japanese, neko, and the name of the suburb – Nekobukuro.

Kimonos (traditional Japanese robes) are also popular in Japan. There are the cheap ones which are actually called Yukata and you can get them a dime a dozen (well not really), but they are much cheaper than the genuine Kimonos which can set you back anywhere from 10,000 yen to millions of yen.

So what has Japan’s contribution to the Internet been lately? You guessed it – cats in kimonos.

I now present you 10 of the best. Please enjoy.


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